Why Questions About Voting Behaviour Can Be Problematic

Von Clara Weißenfels|2023-09-06T15:33:05+02:00 2. Juli 2023|Sozioökonomie|

Une­qual par­ti­ci­pa­tion rates in sur­veys or false respon­ses can distort data about voting beha­viour. This can create a pro­ble­ma­tic bias that should be addres­sed with com­ple­men­tary methods.
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Obstacles to effective climate action: A (not so) short story of fossil incumbents and the power to delay

Von Vera Huwe|2023-08-29T22:58:49+02:00 13. Mai 2022|Klima und Umwelt|

What is stan­ding in the way of effec­tive cli­mate action? The recent IPCC report points to the resis­tance of fos­sil fuel indus­tries. This article reviews the evi­dence about the early know­ledge that fos­sil incumb­ents had about the dis­as­trous effects of their busi­ness model, and the tac­tics they deve­lo­ped to secure their pro­fits none­thel­ess. ▸ Arti­kel lesen

Income Distribution, Varieties of Capitalism and Growth Models: Heuss-Lecture 2021

Von Till van Treeck|2023-08-29T22:59:06+02:00 8. Dezember 2021|Ungleichheit|

Till van Tre­eck, dies­jäh­ri­ger Theo­dor-Heuss-Gast­pro­fes­sor an der New School, berich­tet in sei­ner Heuss-Lec­ture aus sei­ner For­schung an der Schnitt­stelle von makro­öko­no­mi­scher Ungleich­heit­for­schung und Ver­glei­chen­der Poli­ti­scher Öko­no­mie. ▸ Arti­kel lesen

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